Hi, I'm Max Schmitt

Technology enthusiast, nerd and full stack web developer.


Max Schmitt

As a tech enthusiast, I began my interactions in the world of computing and programming at a very young age and therefore I have since been solving various technological problems. Over the course of my years, I moved from other higher level of languages and frameworks to what am currently mastering which is Go, PHP, React and also JavaScript. Moreover, using applicable plugins and designing tools such as October CMS, Joomla, SQL and Git are part of my expertise and can handle efficiently.

My recent projects in my field of expertise include the creation of the SUPERKORB website. which is the homepage of an app with the same name or the TSV Rannungen site of my local sports club. Other public projects can be seen on my GitHub account, which am very active in. Some of my very recent activity include the design of a ui-driver for the Hetzner cloud docker driver using JavaScript, a language I prefer and enjoy. Moreover, I am working in the staff team in the SinusBot forums. That’s a software with which you can listen to your music or radio together in TeamSpeak or Discord. My tasks include issue managing, supporting the community by solving installation problems or providing code for the documentation of the JavaScript based scripting engine.

In my community contribution on GitHub, I created most of them onto the SinusBot organisation, with further commits, I added features or integrations to open source software such as Wappalyzer, ShareX or Visual Studio Code from Microsoft, that caused a significant contribution from private and public repositories. In addition to that, my ui-driver for the hcloud initialising support on GitHub received applause and clients acknowledge my work. In my continued journey towards becoming a more professional coder and designer still continues and I can just say am good as my work portrays and know in future it will be even better.

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